The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton


1.50 out of 5.00

I’m gonna make this short and sweet, since if you’ve read this godawful brick you’re probably questioning whether you want to pick up a book ever again.

This book is basically a circle jerk between 12 characters that read like Wikipedia summaries of each zodiac’s personality traits. Throughout the book, each one of these idiots bands together, only to betray each other later on, in an attempt to solve a mystery in their small New Zealand gold rush Hooverville.

Spoiler Alert: The mystery is never solved.

The author is particularly pretentious and therefore especially irritating, and she clearly was dumped by a Sagittarius at some point because despite that fact that all of her characters are annoying in one way or another, Thomas Balfour is by far the worst.

Also, when you open your book with the world’s most elitist description of which zodiac calendar you subscribe to, and basically demean anyone who would use any other calendar, and then word that description in a way that requires your reader to read said passage at least six times before they really grasp your meaning, you’re off to a bad start.

The end.




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