The 100: Comparing the Book Series to the Television Series

I don’t know how to write this without spoiling it so.. I found it y’all. We as readers have always been up on our ladders worshiping at the tops of the pedestals because “the book is always better”. But The 100 is the exception to the rule. First let’s get one super important detail, or… Continue reading The 100: Comparing the Book Series to the Television Series


Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Frankly, there’s nothing to spoil. This book is a complete enigma to me. How do I read a heaping mountain of garbage and still fall madly, head-over heels, in love with the author? People call this book a masterpiece. It isn’t. Unless my theory that David Foster Wallace wanted to write a nonsensical behemoth that… Continue reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace