The 100: Comparing the Book Series to the Television Series

I don’t know how to write this without spoiling it so..

I found it y’all.

We as readers have always been up on our ladders worshiping at the tops of the pedestals because “the book is always better”.

But The 100 is the exception to the rule.

First let’s get one super important detail, or lack thereof, out of the way:

I am not, repeat NOT, ok with a The 100 where there is no Raven Reyes. There wasn’t even a similar character. And she’s not the only character omitted from the books:

Finn, Jasper, Monty, Harper, Miller, Sinclair, Murphy, Lincoln, Echo, Emori, Indra, Roan


The book series is written from four different perspectives: Clarke, Bellamy, Wells (doesn’t die), & the unknown to us CW groupies, Glass. Octavia is there, but in a very inconsequential capacity. Certainly would never become leader of what remains of the human race.


I actually liked the introduction of Glass because through her we get a more in depth look at culture on The Colony (the Ark) and the Draconian laws they had. There’s not really any character on the show to accurately compare her too. Her dilemma is actually how useless she is, when she’s on the ground. Though while she may not be skilled in one trade or another she does have qualities other characters don’t, making her very useful. Glass can bold under pressure where all of the other characters would hesitate, giving her the necessary bravery to take the lead in life threatening situations.


I actually think this character was spot on in the television series, on account of of course, the fact that he dies like three or four episodes in. But, Wells in the book is the exact same as Wells in the series. Natural leader, who wants to ensure everyone is taken care of. Because of Wells we learn more about the Earthborns (Grounders), in the books they are not like the grounders in the TV series. I actually think, the book is more likely what would happen in the event of a nuclear fallout. Like, these people are well aware that rich folk ran away to space, leaving them to die, and those left behind have been waiting for them to return. Whereas in the show the grounders kind of rewrite it as some sort of smiting (Primfaiya).


Ok, show of hands, does anyone else miss season one Bellamy? Arrogant ass, thought he was all that and a bag of chips ‘cause he shot the Chancellor, trying to control everyone, punching, sexing, not so secretly trying to kill Clarke all the time.


Season one Bellamy is best Bellamy.

Bellamy in the books however, is like second hand any season Bellamy (they’re all different). The key “Octavia is going to survive if it’s the last thing I do” component is still there, but aside from that he’s much tamer. Now that I’m thinking about it, he’s honestly not that noteworthy, despite Bellamy being one of my favorite characters in the show.


Clarke in the books is significantly more tolerable than on the show, in fact Clarke is my single least favorite character on the show. Though recent developments may change that, I think scenes of her with no worries other than making sure the little Niteblida she’s raising has a good life, she may become dare I say likeable?

The books focus more on her skill as a medical intern, she’s in the group of kids that kind of share leadership on the ground, but she’s not HBIC.

Obviously I have to address this

The books are where the stupid Bellarke ship launched. Bellamy and Clarke get together pretty much right away. I was ok with it in the books, because everything is so different but let’s get one thing clear people.

Bellecho is happening. Ok. It has too. If Clarke ruins this for me I will never forgive her.

I don’t even have time to get into events because I’m not kidding when I tell you the books are wholly separate entities. Like the 100 lands on the ground and then a little bit later more people from space follow them. Aside from that, literally nothing is the same.

Overall Grade

Books: B

Show: A+++

As far as a young adult romance goes, the books are enjoyable, I finished all four in a week so they’re decently engrossing and I do recommend them. But I love the show so much there is no way the books come close.

It bears repeating:

I’m not ok with no Reyes.

Later Lovelies!



2 thoughts on “The 100: Comparing the Book Series to the Television Series”

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if for season 5 Gall is one of the “prisoners” (at least I think they are) on the newly-landed dropship? So that we still have some kind of a tribute to someone who didn’t make it into the original 100, but was a part of it in the books. And yes, Raven is great! She’s such a survivor and unmissable in the show (and the books). Murphy is one of my favourite characters though, so I couldn’t possibly imagine “the 100” without him either. Loved this post!!


    1. YAASSS!! I would love it if there was some sort of homage to characters in the book. There are so few, I can’t imagine it would difficult for the writers. Man, season four finale was bananas, I’m so stoked for season five. I think maybe (and this is a stretch) Graham drew parallels to Murphy, but you’re right, he’s my favorite male character and his absence in the books was duly noted!

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