Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

A little fact that is, until now, unknown to you is that I am positively UH DICK TED to self-help books. From the science backed to the new age hippie books, I am 110% on board with all of it.

I can’t even really explain why, but I’ve been this way since I was like 14. I really should’ve gone into psych, but I chose history, what are you gonna do?

Anyway this book is for sure on the new age hippie side of the self-help spectrum but I found it not only didn’t turn me off, it actually really resonated with me. I tend to gravitate toward the science and studies books rather than the “I spoke to a fern and was told to quit my job” type books.

Full disclosure, I am unashamed to admit that the books described above in the latter category have had a FAR greater impact on me than the science books.

Rise Sister Rise is no exception.

I am so so so so so happy this book exists. The concept Campbell talks about has been one that I’ve always struggled with putting into words and she managed to explain it really well.

This concept of masculine vs feminine energy and how since the dawn of ‘no longer living as cave people’; we as humans have really beaten our feminine energy into submission.

Some people, I imagine Campbell is included, believe this is the cause of most if not all of our humanly problems. We are WAY too out of balance toward the masculine side.

And I know I have to make a point to say this: There is no right or wrong, masculine does not mean bad, in fact we have to have the masculine in order to create balance. Lack of balance is bad.

So in the sense that she wrote a book talking about a topic I have a lot of interest in and have always kind of struggled to find good material on, I would say that this self-help book does actually differ from the others I’ve read.

If you read self-help, you know they’re pretty much all the same, you resonate with the author, not the message.

Another hit for Campbell is she wrote a total hippie book, that I, a super logical prefers science and studies to prove your method works, could get down with. Like she’s got me wanting to sit chat with a freakin’ tree!

And the self-confidence exercises she includes sound completely bonkers and “the fuck she think this is??” which means they’re uncomfortable to me and I’m definitely going to do them.

Overall Grade: B

I will for sure read her other book Light is the New Black!

Later Lovelies,



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