The First Word by Isley Robson

I literally squealed with excitement when I realized that a romance was offered among Amazon’s Kindle First choices for last month. Why? Not because I’m a hopeless romantic. Not because I’m a bored housewife. I was excited because this shit is golden. Seriously you guys. You wanna laugh out loud at a book? Read a… Continue reading The First Word by Isley Robson


East of Eden by John Steinbeck

(Do I even have to say it?) Spoilers It always takes me a few chapters to get used to older books. It takes a while to remember it used to be perfectly acceptable to suck super hard. And I’m too Thoroughly Modern Millie for that mess, so I‘m reading like: “Oh shit!” “Jesus, Steinbeck” “WTF?”… Continue reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck